Local Red Cross ready for tornado season

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Altoona, Wis-- When disaster strikes, we look to the Red Cross to help in the relief effort.

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"We plan and prepare with partners and volunteers everyday making sure that we are ready if severe weather should affect our area"

Even thought, thankfully we haven't seen the extreme violent weather here in Wisconsin as they have in the south, Jenny Legaspi with the Red Cross of western Wisconsin says the type of relief they bring to those affected comes in many forms.

"We will set up shelters, set up feeding support, providing emotional support to our clients."

She says volunteers are a key element in making sure the Red Cross can bring their services to areas hardest hit.

"Our volunteers provide 96% of our services, with out our volunteers it's not going to be possible for us to do what we do."

She says for now members of the local Red Cross here in western Wisconsin are in communication with Red Cross chapters in the south and on standby if there is any additional support needed for tornado victims down there.

"We will provide volunteers and any other support that they need."

Finally Legaspi says she enjoys knowing that people can rely on the Red Cross as a source of support in times of need.

"They get a little bit of relief when they see a Red Cross coming to their neighborhood after they've lost everything. They know that we're there to help and we're there to support."

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