Local business to offer seniors jobs and in-home care

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Eau Claire, WI (WEAU) -- As we age, we may need help to keep up with everyday life. Often, an in-home care service can provide that help, but one local in-home care service is offering seniors more than just the option to receive care.

An Eau Claire couple is launching a business that will not only provide seniors with the help they may ask for but also give seniors who want to work a chance to be the ones providing that assistance.

Andy Hoff, the owner of Seniors Helping Seniors says, "This opportunity employs seniors to go out in the homes of other seniors and try and help them out with yard work and meal prep we can even do snow removal if need be."

Hoff first got the inspiration for getting involved with the Seniors Helping Seniors program because of his 97 year old grandmother who has been receiving in-home care for about 15 years.

Hoff says, "Knowing what she goes through, and how that's helped her stay in her home, and how she hasn't had to have any need for a nursing home or any assisted living facility yet, is just amazing. If I could facilitate that and help others seniors stay in their homes, I thought that was a really good place to start."

Hoff, and his wife Tamie, will open the first Seniors Helping Seniors facility in West Central Wisconsin at the beginning of the summer. Their goal is to provide seniors with independence as well as companionship.

Hoff says, “I think the biggest benefit is the companion care we can provide and just building those relationships that give people a little boost in their attitude, that can stave off some of the loneliness that comes. There's a lot of things that we can while we're there but that's the biggest thing that I think we provide is that life experience similarity between our providers and our receivers that can help people out.

Hoff says if you want to get involved with the program, by either offering assistance or receiving care, he and his wife are accepting applications.

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