Local couple celebrates 90th birthdays on the same day

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CONRATH, Wis (WEAU) – It can be mind boggling keeping track of all of the birthdays in your life, let alone remember your own spouse’s. But for one Rusk County couple, it’s quite easy because they just have to remember their own.

Grace and Kempton Spooner have a unique situation. They were both born on the same day, in the same year and in the same town of Conrath.

On Friday, the couple is celebrating their 90th birthdays together.

“My sisters and his sisters went to the same school the school in Conrath and Kemp was born first and so at school, his sisters told everybody that they had a new baby brother,” Grace said. “They came home for lunch and my folks lived down the street from them and so when they came home at noon they found out that I had been born so then when they went back to school and said they had a baby too, nobody would believe it.”

Nobody would believe it because in a town of a 150 or so, it was unheard of.

“It’s quite unusual for two people the same age to live that long and to be as healthy as we are,” said Kempton who lived his entire life in Conrath, first as a dairy farmer and the last 55 years as the owner and operator of a feed mill and lumberyard.

The two have now been married for 59 years. That’s 59 years of celebrating birthdays together too.

“It’s just remarkable that we made it this far and we've been blessed with good health,” said Grace.

At one point, the two friends were separated for 20 year, after Grace’s father relocated his job to Wisconsin Rapids. She finished her schooling there and later went on to be a registered dietician.

But the deaths of their mothers united them again in Conrath around 1947.

“Then he came back shortly after that and that’s when he asked me to get married,” said Grace. “I was pretty happy.”

Now fast forward to 2012 and the couple has three children of their own, ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

And the secret to longevity and their happy marriage: Grace and Kempton say knowing to give and take as a couple in a marriage, eating healthy and staying active as Kempton still works at his company nearly every day.

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