Local hunter kills 1 of first 4 wolves in Wisconsin

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Dennis Nitz waited for a chance to kill a wolf his whole life. And with the state-wide wolf hunt his wish did come true.

Nitz has been hunting for more than 25 years. He lives in a wooded area and says they are plenty of wolves out there. Nitz says killing one is not going to hurt the population.

"It's a part of nature…we kills other animals, they kill other animals. We all are a part of nature. I'm glad I got to hunt, otherwise there is going to be getting more and more of them… We have to keep the population under control,” said Nitz.

Each wolf killed has to go through the registration process and receive a tag. DNR division administrator Kurt Thiede says that will help the DNR to collect needed data, monitor the hunt and keep it under control.

"We collect all sorts of information. The health of the wolf, the way of harvest, and that helps deter the regulations, and determine the health of the wolf population."

Each hunter is authorized to kill only one wolf. With the minimum count of 850 wolves in Wisconsin and a manageable goal of 350 wolves, DNR officials say they are hoping to eliminate 116 wolves through the hunt this season.

The DNR is considering the hunt a success so far. Governor Walker also released a statement yesterday, thanking all the hunters and trappers who are participating in this quote: "challenging and historic event."

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