ONLY ON SUNRISE: Local 15-year-old writes musical

Barron, WI (WEAU) - Have you ever thought of writing a musical? Well at 15-years-old, a local girl made her dreams come true! Now, four years later, she's getting ready to see her work on stage in Barron County proving that all it takes is a dream.

"Right away she wanted to sit at my piano and play and she would sit until she would learn a song by ear and she would say is this right is this right?" says Kolleen Felber, Corrine’s Nana.

On a typical day, you’d find 19-year-old Corinne Schultz of Barron spending time with her family.

It’s all thanks to her grandma's influence, that since she was three she’s had the musical Cats! memorized. Then, as she grew up so did her love for reading and writing.

"The first book I really remember besides picture books or besides follow along as we listen to this tape was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and that really shaped the kind of writing I like to do,” says Schultz.

Once high school hit an idea popped into her young mind.

Corrine explains, "I was a freshman in high school and we went to see In the Heights at the Orpheum in Minneapolis. I started listening to the music and I decided I want to do something like this it was just a far off dream.”

But she went after that dream and wrote a musical called "A Guy named Tom” integrating music from Tom Lehrer, an American singer and songwriter. After writing for only a year, it was finally finished

"She doesn't share until she's done so she would hide out her in room on her computer and just type and I hear the music and question a little and be like oh that's an interesting one,” says Lisa Schultz, her mom.

But what was once on paper is taking to the stage, influencing those in her community like classmates and staff from her high school.

"She showed me that anybody can start from scratch, like she went on the musical path of notating music and writing the lines and scripts. She preserved herself to make that,” says classmate Macky Mikunda.

"I think it gives kids that encouragement especially when your you know going to a high school that has only a little over 400 students you can see that you can do anything,” says Linda Mikunda H.S. Guidance Counselor.

But the greatest influence is of course her family.

Her mom says, "I'm very excited for her, because now she has her cupcake and now she has the frosting and now hopefully she gets the sprinkles. What we call having a full audience."

"We talked about why Nana isn't in the play, because half way through the play it would hit me how proud I was. I would just burst into tears and I will. Yeah so proud,” says Nana emotionally.

You can catch the production of “A Guy Named Tom,” by Corrine Schultz at the Barron County Community Center. The show will be July 10-11th at 7:00 P.M. Then, there is a matinee performance on July 12 at 2:00 P.M. Tickets are only $6 and the show is recommended for teens and adults. Call (715) 537-9212 for tickets.