Local girl donates birthday presents to help kids in need

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- When Mallory Sterling was planning her 11th birthday bash for this weekend, she decided to do something a little different.

“We told them that we're going to donate the presents and make sure they were kids from around our age,” Mallory said.

The fifth grader from Chippewa Falls took all of the presents she got from her friends at the party and turned them over to the Bolton Refuge House in Eau Claire.

Mallory said she donated “two scarves and two hats, some games and a coloring pack, a shirt, some pants and socks”.

The items will go to kids around Mallory’s age who are victims of abuse.

The generous 11-year-old said she wanted to make sure kids at the refuge house had something for Christmas.

“I already have a lot of toys and I thought it would be nice to give them toys,” Mallory said.

Mallory said staff were touched to see her come in with more than a dozen gifts.

“It kind of restores your faith in our young generation coming forward during tough economic times when some people may choose to be so ‘grinchy’ throughout the year,” said Gerald Wilke of the Bolton Refuge House.

Wilke said shelter for women and children takes donations year round.

“They can bring them here, they can call, and make arraignments with us in terms of adopting families. There’s a Christmas wish list for individuals we know are in need of certain things,” Wilke said.

Mallory and her sister Marley said they plan on donating more birthday gifts in the future.

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