Harsh winter has people looking to get away

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- If all the snow and cold temperatures have you thinking about a change of scenery you are not alone. A local travel agency says more people have been coming into their business and looking for a warm getaway.

"With the school closings, the parents are home and they want to get out of here," said Lisa Waak with Travel Leaders in Chippewa Falls.

She says more people have been calling or stopping in asking about vacation.

"Typically right now the warm destinations are popular with 4, 5, 7 nights, cruises have been popular this year again and you can get some great deals," she said.

She says space has been getting tight on airlines and hotels as it typically does this time of year. But there is still hope.

"There's still some space out there, warm destinations like Fort Myers, Phoenix, Las Vegas, even your ski vacations out to Denver you can get some good airfare," Waak said.

Let's say you want to leave as soon as next week, February 6th to the 10th. San Diego is about 65 degrees this time of year. Hotel and airfare for two will run about $1,120.

On the opposite side of the country, where it is about 71 degrees on average in St. Petersburg, FL, a trip for two will cost anywhere between $1,100-$1,600 depending on your hotel.

And how about Las Vegas during the week of February or March?

"So you could easily do $500 to $600 for two people for airfare and hotel if you went during the week," she added.

Tickets to paradise might not be far out of reach.

Waak says if you travel it is best to do so on Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday. And if you are able to book further ahead, all the better.

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