Losing it with Lisa & The Biggest Loser are coming to Eau Claire

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"I've always said just do the best you can with what you got and what you got gets better and better," says Lisa Rambo.

Lisa Rambo was 246 pounds when she became a contestant on NB C's the Biggest Loser...Lisa spent 5 weeks on the show and continued her weight loss goals once she returned home, losing a grand total of 108lbs.

"Lisa then saw herself the way I always saw her. She has had more confidence in herself, she has more confidence in her life," says Lisa's mom Kris Rose Hen ck.

Losing it with Lisa is not only the name of her popular blog, it's her team's name for this weekend's Biggest Loser Race in Eau Claire. Team Losing it with Lisa has 120 runners competing.

"Overwhelmed with gratitude and super blessed that there's this group of people that just want to do this with me. It's an honor to have each and every person on my team," says Rambo.

Her transformation has impacted every area in her life, especially serving as a positive example to her four children.

"That you can be healthy, and you don't have to go on some crazy show," says Lisa's 10 year old daughter Joy.

"She was much more skinnier and much more healthier," adds 6 year old son Micah.

"That she looks healthier and she can do more stuff with us, like in the winter she can go sledding with us," says 8 year old son Ryan.

Inspired by others to change her life around...Lisa wants to pay it forward.

"Don't quit. Don't quit on yourself. Follow through and finish strong...and fight, because you're worth it."

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