Maintenance important to prevent roof collapses, leaks

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)- With the above average snowfall we've seen this winter, roofs are under more stress.

Monday night a storage building in Ladysmith caved in under the weight of heavy snow. Ladysmith Police say nobody was hurt. Tuesday crews spent the day cleaning up the scene.

With another heavy wet snowfall in the forecast later this week, we wanted to know just how common it is for roofs collapse under the weight of snow.

“When you get this much snow on your roof you should definitely think about removing some from around the edges and around the pipes,” Steve Falstad with Blue Hills Roofing said.

Falstad, the owner of Blue Hills Roofing says this winter they've gotten plenty of calls to go out and clear off roofs before all of the snow becomes an issue.

“I would suggest that you maintenance your roof. Most people don't but you really should be raking off the edges of your roof about three to four feet up and that will keep ice dams from forming,” Falstad added.

Falstad says it’s not so much the weight of the snow that can become an issue for home owners, but the ice buildup that can cause leaky roofs.

“I don't think that a house you have to worry so much about it caving in unless you have specific reasons to have concern,” Falstad said.

Businesses are a different story though when it comes to handling the weight of all the snow. Falstad says especially with flat roofs the added snowfall can become an issue.

“I would definitely suggest business owners take a look at their roof especially businesses with flat roofs because the snow load can get really heavy and damage the roof,” he added.

Whether you're a business owner or a home owner, Falstad says it’s still important to get out and clear some snow off while it's warm--before the next round comes.

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