Man accused of throwing convenience store display at officers

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A man accused of throwing a convenience store display at officers as he lead them on a chase is charged.

Prosecutors filed criminal charges, including Escape and Battery to a Peace Officer, against Craig Harp, 31, of Eau Claire.

According to a criminal complaint, two officers spotted Harp's vehicle in the parking lot of Kwik Trip on Madison Avenue in Eau Claire on September 19. After running his license plate, they learned that there was a probation warrant out for Harp. They found him at the register, but he pulled away when one of the officers took him by the arm. Investigators say Harp ran around a food display, and then threw a metal rack of chips back at the officers as they chased him. The rack hit one of the officers in the face. The officers chased him out of the store, down a couple of streets, and into an alley. The officers ended up on either side of Harp, and he ran at one of them as that officer told him to stop. The officer used his taser on Harp, and arrested him.

Harp is due in court on Tuesday.