Marble hunt draws families to Irvine Park

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Chippewa Falls, Wis. (WEAU) - A real life treasure hunt is happening in an area park that'll make your family look at nature a whole lot closer.

Chad Christensen, owner of Christensen Glass, and his family have been hiding marbles in Irvine Park for community members to find.

Christensen’s four year old daughter Lucy says, “People go crazy bonkers (when they find the marbles)”.

“The level they are involved in now it’s just a lot of fun for them. I’m lifting them up to have them put the marbles somewhere. It’s been a really good bonding experience for us,” Chad Christensen said.

Christensen says he got the idea to hide marbles in Irvine Park from some glass he had sitting around.

After the marbles were made and hidden, he took to Facebook to get the word out, with picture clues.

“People scrambled for them so over the next couple of days,” Christensen said, “I put more out and it just kind of grew and over the weekend we put a couple dozen out and I was really surprised at the turnout for it.”

Katie Woody and her son Jayden were lucky enough to find one of the marbles.

Katie says the family looked around for the marbles for a while until Jayden found one.

“We looked, and looked and found one and he was really excited,” Woody said.

Katie says the hunt was a great way to get her family out of the house.

“Looking around walking the trails of Irvine it was a great experience for the family to be out there enjoying nature in general,” Woody said.

Chippewa falls main street thinks the marble hunt is such a great idea, they want to partner with Christensen to make it an annual event. Chad Christensen says right now there are some marbles still out in the park.

He says if you and your family want to get clues as to where they're hidden you can at the Christensen glass Facebook page.