Marriages and divorces drop in Wisconsin

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Carolyn Otto is a little more than a week away from what you could say will be one of the biggest days of her life.

She will be tying the knot with her fiancé.

"We got engaged last year but with us being across the country it was much easier to plan when we're in the same city," she said.

They'll be getting married in Wisconsin. Around 25,000 to 30,000 couples do every year.

According to the State Department of Health, the number of Wisconsin weddings had been declining for the past 30 years, there was an uptick in 2011 and 2012, but last year the number dropped again by about 961 weddings.

"When I was planning I found it was more common to go with the small destination weddings," she said.

"We have seen business kind of slow down for the last couple years," said Shannon Lindquist.

Lindquist is the woman to ask about wedding trends. The owner of The Bridal Shoppe and Chippewa Valley Floral works with wedding couples everyday.

She's been at that location for nine years. She believes to understand the dip in weddings last year; you have to look very closely at the numbers.

"Last year for 2013 we thought it was just because of 2013 and people didn't want to be jinxed," Lindquist said.

At Stitches by Sharon, business is picking up.

"For June we are booked solid," said Sharon Wagner, owner of Stiches by Sharon.

Last year she says business was also slower. She too had heard about the "13" theory.

"And I passed that by my husband and he said he would not have gotten married in the year 13," she added.

But she has been busy so far and hopes that trend continues.

"If prom is an indication, it's going to be a banner year; prom was really good this year," she added.

There is a silver lining -- the State Department of Health says the number of divorces has been trending downward and did decline in 2013.

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