Mary Burke stops in La Crosse

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Gubernatorial governor candidate Mary Burke made a stop at the Myrick Hixon Ecopark in La Crosse Tuesday night for the La Crosse Women's Network event.

The democrat said if she's elected she would work to repeal a law that makes it harder for asbestos exposure victims to get damages in court.

She said this affects veterans the most.

“It's important that people who have served our country have the redress and the courts to be able to have these expenses covered, medical expenses covered, and also get redress to the damage that has been done to their lives,” said Burke.

Governor Scott Walker signed the bill into law in March, which had opposition from three veterans groups.

Veteran Peter Hansen of La Crosse said he was exposed to asbestos in the army, and says he'd like to see the law repealed.

“I'm not having any problems now, but if I should I have, I would want some protection,” said Hansen.

Burke also said she'd reinstate a 2009 law governor walker repealed.

The law had expanded the rights of veterans and other protected groups to file state lawsuits seeking damages for employment discrimination.

“For Scott Walker to repeal this, and make it more difficult for women and veterans to get the pay that they deserve for equal work makes no sense at all,” said Burke.

Hansen said he supports discrimination laws.

“I think it's hard, especially older veterans to get jobs,” said Hansen.

We contacted Governor Walker's campaign, but haven't heard back yet.

Burke will be doing more campaigning in La Crosse on Wednesday.

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