Meth lab found in La Crosse hotel

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LA CROSSE COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) - Tuesday the La Crosse Police responded to the America’s Best Value Inn to investigate an anonymous complaint of a possible methamphetamine lab inside one of the hotel rooms.

Specially trained officers made contact with the suspected room and did locate a methamphetamine lab. Two individuals were also taken into custody at that time.

Laura Rud, 36, of La Crosse was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine.

Brian Brainard, 27, of Lansing, Iowa was charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, possessing methamphetamine materials, and possession of a switch blade.

Trained investigators immediately removed the lab contents to the outside of the building for safety purposes and stood by for final processing of the chemicals. A specially trained team from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration out of Chicago responded to La Crosse to collect the chemicals and render them safe.

The lab consisted of several dangerous chemicals, gas type masks, and a large quantity of methamphetamine oils.

La Crosse Police Chief Tischer says, “Meth labs require extensive manpower to investigate and extreme precautions when dealing with them. Having all of these chemicals in a hotel like this situation could have been catastrophic.”

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