NEW INFORMATION: Boy hit by semi in intensive care; investigators continue search for driver

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (WEAU) -- The mother of a boy who was hit by a semi earlier in the week says her son may remain in the hospital for a month.

Corie Maynard, 9, of Nelson is in a pediatric intensive care unit at a Minnesota hospital. His mother says he had nearly eight hours of surgery, most of which was to repair shattered bones in the lower left part of his jaw. She says he has a small brain injury, but that she was told he may grow out of it, if it affects him at all. Right now, he's off of sedation, and doctors are trying to get him to wake up. His mother believes he will remain in the PICU for at least two weeks, but that he's doing extremely well, given the circumstances. She says other family members are there for support, and that they're "holding on."

On Tuesday afternoon, the Buffalo County Sheriff's Department says Maynard was with another child when he ran out onto State Highway 25/35 in Nelson. That's when the rear part of a passing semi trailer hit him. He went to the hospital with serious injuries. Chief Deputy Colin Severson says the department hasn't found the driver, but it is following up on leads in the case. If you have any information that could help, you're asked to call (608) 685-4433.