NEW INFORMATION: Discrimination claim filed by former Regis presidential candidate dismissed

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- An area school system says the state has dismissed a discrimination claim from a former candidate for its leadership position.

On Wednesday, Regis Catholic Schools announced the Department of Workforce Development's decision regarding Tim Nelson. The department had made the decision on April 11. It says Nelson's complaint was tossed out on U.S. and state constitutional grounds.

Nelson had said an offer for the Regis Presidency was withdrawn because of speculation that he's gay. In April 2013, Regis announced that Nelson would become president, but the next month, Regis said it had hired Mark Gobler instead. Regis says Nelson was "consistently informed" that the job offer was rescinded because of his "lack of candor about the circumstances of his claimed religious order experience." It denies that it was because of his sexual orientation, or any "claimed perceptions thereof." In a statement, Regis says it will not give any more specifics about why it made its decision to protect Nelson's confidentiality, and the confidentiality of the employment search process.

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