NEW INFORMATION: Lk. Hallie police hand out 18 tickets during FATFAR

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LAKE HALLIE, Wis. (LAKE HALLIE POLICE DEPARTMENT NEWS RELEASE) -- On Sunday June 15, 2014 two taverns (Two Waters and Sportsman’s Club) in the Village of Lake Hallie hosted one of two exit points for the annual FATFAR event on the Chippewa River. During this time the Village of Lake Hallie Police were involved in patrolling those and the surrounding neighborhood. Incidents involving the Village Police are as follows:

Due to rainy weather in the morning the annual participation at FATFAR was much lower than previous years and the lowest attendance that could be recalled. Medical calls occurring at the event location in Lake Hallie was zero.

Officers also issued citations or arrested persons for other violations. You can see the list on the right side of this story.

In 2013 Officers at the event indicated that the crowd in 2012 was smaller than 2011and disorderly related offenses were also lower. The crowd in 2013 was estimated to be about ½ of what it was the previous years, while 2014 was even considerably less.

These activities do not include Law Enforcement actions by the Wisconsin State Patrol, or the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office in the town of Wheaton or other places.

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