NEW INFORMATION: Names released in apparent murder-suicide

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TOWN OF CAMPBELL, Wis. (WEAU) - Police have released the names of two people involved in a murder-suicide.

The Town of Campbell Police said 18-year-old Dana Shefelbine of Holmen and 22-year-old Jesse Klukas of La Crosse were found dead in their apartment at 236 Tellin Court on Tuesday.

“I heard this loud noise bang,” said Jack Smizek.

Jack Smizek said he was in his room on the computer at 236 Tellin Court # 5 when he heard the noise Tuesday morning.

“I let out a yell to the wife if she knew and said, ‘What the heck happened?,’” said Smizek.

Smizek said his wife wasn’t up yet, but when she woke up to open the blinds he said she noticed plaster dust on the bottom of the TV, a whole in the wall above the TV and a hole in the kitchen.

He also said when they were out in the hall they noticed holes of both sides of the hallway.

“We could hear music playing from their apartment, and we banged on their door quite loudly, but didn’t get any response or anything,” said Smizek.

The Town of Campbell Police said they got the call around 10:45 Tuesday morning.

When officers arrived, 18-year-old Dana Shefelbine and 22-year-old Jesse Klukas were found dead in apartment number 6.

Smizek said this is a quiet neighborhood, and it’s sad to have something like this happen.”

“You try to reason it out and you just don’t come up with any answers,” said Smizek.

“There is not threat to the public at this time,” said Sergeant Zach Fronk, Town of Campbell Police Department.

Police said autopsies are being done in Madison.

“As soon as that’s complete and we’ll know more about the cause and manner of death,” said Fronk.

Superintendent Dale Carlson said Dana Shefelbine had just graduated from Holmen High School.


Police have released the names of the victims in an apparent murder-suicide on Tuesday.

The Town of Campbell Police Department says the bodies of Dana Shefelbine, 18, of Holmen, and Jesse Klukas, 22, of La Crosse were found in an apartment on Tellin Court, which is on French Island near La Crosse. Autopsies are being done in Madison.

Police say they responded to the apartment complex on Tuesday morning after a neighbor reported hearing a possible gunshot. He also reported finding what he believed was a bullet hole in a wall.

Police say they will not release how Shefelbine and Klukas died until the autopsies are finished.