NEW INFORMATION: New details on murder-suicide near La Crosse

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Chilling new details are emerging from the murder-suicide we reported last week near La Crosse.

A town of Campbell Police report says both Jesse Klukas, 22, and Dana Shefelbine, 18, were found by officers naked in their apartment on Tellin Court.

It says Klukas posted a message on Facebook admitting he killed Shefelbine, who he said was his ex-girlfriend.

The report says with the message, he also posted a photo on Facebook, smiling and holding a shotgun, next to her body.

In the message, he also said he was going to kill himself. Officers removed the Facebook post. Investigators say he'd recently quit his job and witnesses say he'd made threats to his ex-girlfriend recently.