NEW INFORMATION: Suspects in deadly police chase, Wausau-area murder connected

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – WEAU 13 News has new information about the wild police chase and deadly shooting of a man outside Culver's in Eau Claire nearly two weeks ago.

WEAU had to go through more than 100 pages of documents to get these new details.

Here’s the breakdown.

Christian Peterson, the man who was gunned down by a local police officer could be connected to the burglaries of two gun stores in the Wausau area.

And one of those guns could have been used to kill a woman last weekend.

On Sept. 30, Condition One, a gun store in Wausau was burglarized.

Oct. 2, the same thing happened at Stattons’ General Store in Lincoln County.

Investigators said a total of 55 handguns were stolen in these two burglaries.

Three days after the last burglary, Peterson led officers on a terrifying police chase through Eau Claire that led to Culver’s on Brackett Ave.

Holding a gun, Officers said the 24-year-old was seen trying to get into a truck waiting in the drive through.

When the Wausau man moved toward the door of the restaurant, police said he was shot and killed by an Eau Claire officer.

Remember those burglaries?

WEAU learned Wednesday from the Wausau Police Department that the gun Peterson was holding could be linked to them.

Jump to Saturday Oct. 20, as Richi Vue is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, 20-year-old Lee Xiong at her home in Weston.

According to a criminal complaint, Vue said he got the handgun that was used in the shooting from someone named "Choco".

The complaint indicated that Choco is a known alias for Christian Peterson.

Investigators said the gun from the Xiong murder is also linked to the burglaries.

It's not yet known how connected the two men were.

But in a complaint, Vue said the stolen Ford truck he drove into Clark County after leaving Xiong's house came from Christian Peterson.

Other criminal complaints indicate Peterson could be involved in those business burglaries.

Investigators said 10 of those 55 guns have been recovered.

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