NEW INFORMATION: Child passes away after being crushed by snow

CHIPPEWA COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU)-- UPDATE: Sheriff James Kowalczyk, with the Chippewa County Sheriff's Department, says the father of Norma and Nelson Nolt told him life support equipment was terminated on Nelson on Monday and he passed away.

He says Norma is currently on life support and her condition is very serious. A wake and funeral for Nelson are scheduled for Friday, January 3rd.


Chippewa Falls, WI (WEAU) - We now know the names of two kids seriously hurt after a snow collapses a roof over the weekend.

Right now we know that 7-year-old Norma Nolt and 10-year-old Nelson Nolt were inside of a silo room, when snow fell from the barn onto the silo room roof, which then collapsed on top of them.

"Initially we thought it was a skid steer farm accident,” explains Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk.

It’s not a call any dispatcher ever wants to get.

"We were dispatched to a residence on 320th street in the town of Delmar,” says Ron Patten, Chippewa County Coroner.

But the incident in Chippewa County wasn't quite what it seemed

"It was later determined that the children were on the skid steer that was not running. It was parked in a shed between the silo and the barn,” says Kowalczyk.

After Laymar Nolt came down from his farm's silo, he found his children trapped between these beams and a skid steer.
It's where they were found without a pulse and not breathing for more than 10 minutes.

"When these two children were sitting on top of this skid steer, a snow load fell off the barn roof and fell onto this silo room, crushing the two children between the silo room roof and the top of cab on the skid steer,” says Patten.

“The father had obtained another skid steer and went to the location where the roof collapsed and with the aid of that skid steer, lifted the beams off the two children,” says Kowalczyk.

The Chippewa County Coroner says this is simply a tragic accident and there really couldn't have been anything done to have prevented it.

"The young girl had a better chance of survival than the boy, so we put her in the helicopter to be taken right away and we had requested a second helicopter but because of weather conditions they could not fly,” explained Patten.

The silo room was newly built by Laymar Nolt, but following the incident the roof collapsed another time due to snowfall from the barn.

Also, due to the nature of this incident, there is a stress debriefing for only those who responded on January 29th at 7:30pm.

The children are in serious condition at St. Mary's in Rochester, Minnesota.
We now know the names of the children who were crushed when snow fell from barn onto a roof.

Nelson Nolt, 10, and Norma Nolt, 7, were seriously hurt when the roof collapsed onto a skid steer that was parked in a shed. Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk says they were on the skid steer when the roof went down. It happened near Boyd on 320th Street Saturday afternoon. The children were taken to an Eau Claire hospital, then transferred to a hospital in Rochester, Minnesota.

A condition update on the children was not available Monday afternoon. We'll have more information tonight on WEAU 13 News at 5 and 6.