NEW INFORMATION: Video shows UN team inspecting rocket fragment

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Weapons analysts are poring over new videos from Syria that purport to show U.N. chemical weapons experts examining a recovered rocket fragment.

The rocket may have been used in the suspected nerve agent attack a week ago near Damascus. Analysts said the fragment appears to have come from a short-range artillery rocket commonly used by Syria's army. That could complicate the goals of a U.S. missile strike because there are many such rocket launchers scattered across Syria.

The video shows inspectors measuring and photographing the rocket fragment. British analyst Eliot Higgins said it could be from a Russian-made BM-14 140 mm rocket, capable of carrying explosives or chemical payloads.

Australian weapons expert Nic Jenzen-Jones said Syria's army deploys so many short-range rockets it would be hard to destroy them all.

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