NEW INFORMATION: New Chancellor named at UW-Eau Claire

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A new face is coming to the UW-Eau Claire campus.

Dr. Jim Schmidt has officially been named chancellor of the university.

Schmidt was named the new chancellor by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents Friday afternoon at a meeting at UW- La Crosse.

He says the job is a dream come true.

“I can tell these are my kind of folks, these are people I’m going to work well with. And I already feel I’ve developed some fast friends in the Eau Claire area,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt has been at Winona State university for nearly 15 years, where’s he’s the Vice President for University Advancement.

He’s also an alumnus.

Schmidt said UW-Eau Claire has been on his radar for a while.

“Part of my job includes marketing so I make it a point to understand which schools really are competitors, and I have to tell you Eau Claire has been a school I’ve admired the entire time I’ve been at Winona,” said Schmidt.

In fact, he tells parents who ask him where their kids should go school to come to Eau Claire if they think Winona is too close.

“I’m not just making it up, I’ve always said Eau Claire is the school that is most similar to Winona State,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt said he’ll miss the relationships he built at Winona State University, but he’s looking forward to forming new ones at UW Eau Claire.

“From what I’ve seen, the institution has a number of exciting opportunities and I hope to build on it, I was not hired by the Board of Trustees to make a hard left of right turn. I think forward is the direction of Eau Claire,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt begins his job at UW- Eau Claire in July.

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