New PSA stresses how to stay safe in the sun

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(WEAU)--After our long winter, we all deserve to get out and soak up the sun! But doctors say there is such a thing as too much sun. According the Centers for Disease Control, one person dies of Melanoma every hour in the U.S and a growing number of those people are under 30.
That's why Mayo Clinic Health System started a new campaign today to warn people about the dangers of too much sun.
“Have fun in the sun but be smart anyone can get skin cancer, even young people," were the words used in the Mayo Clinic Health System PSA.

According to the skin cancer foundation, 2 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year and more and more of those diagnosed are teens and young adults.

“I guess it makes since because people care so much more about being tan,” UW Eau Claire Senior Jenny Gary said.

But Gary says she never thought about skin cancer as a risk to her in her 20’s.

"It runs in my family so I probably should pay more attention to the statistics,” Gary said.

Luckily though, Mayo Health Clinic System says skin cancer is preventable.

The PSA that will starting airing April 29th outlines four simple things that will help people avoid getting sun cancer; wearing sun screen, avoiding tanning beds, using shade and getting any spots checked.

Mayo dermatologist Dr. Jerry Brewer says the best thing you can do to avoid getting burned is make sunscreen a daily part of your routine.

“I don't really think about it. I probably should but I have kids so when we go out I try to put it on them in the morning,” Christy Slaughter of Eau Claire said.

Slaughter says sitting by the pool is where she is most conscious of wearing and reapplying sun screen.

Mayo Clinic Health System recommends everyone wear SPF 35 daily and SPF 50 at the beach.
But whatever sunscreen you choose remembering to reapply is the most important.
Sunscreen wears off after two hours.

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