New school store teaches students how to run a Business

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BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis (WEAU)--A local school is taking hands on approach to teaching business. Black River Falls opened its first school store serving up more than just slushies’ and Power Aide.

Dubbed the 'Tigers Den,' the school store sells drinks, snacks and school clothing.

"It's been going really well so far, " said BRF Senior Matthew Puttbrese

But it’s not the merchandise that’s creating the buzz at the store front, it’s who’s behind the counter. The store is managed and worked by students.

“The first time I worked I needed help working the computer. I didn’t get it right away and then next week I came back and got it right away, ” said Darin Niema.

Open one hour during the school day and for school events students are in charge of everything from inventory checks to pricing.

“It's been a learning curve to say the least. We had to itemize price how much a coffee cup costs, a hotdog bun, dog and then what if you put ketchup on it then what does it cost than,” said store faculty advisor Tina Gilbertson.

Gilbertson says good business takes more than just the math and economics and that’s what this store is teaching students.

"The students that are in here get that hand on experience with communication skills how to approach a topic,” said Gilbertson.

The store gets its inventory from a local grocery, Burnstads.

“I sit down with the students and make an order that we email, they make the decision. We might ask questions as to why they made the decision but they are the ones running the store,” said Gilberstson

‘School work’ that students say they enjoy.

It’s fun it really is and being able to but this down on my job apps and college applications is great,” said BRF senior Matt Skogstad.