New urban landscape and agriculture center with passed referendum

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LA CROSSE, Wis (WEAU) -A century old greenhouse in La Crosse has seen it’s last growing season.

The Hill View greenhouse is being torn down and a new one is in the works to be built on the Western Technical College campus.

The idea of building a new greenhouse had been talked about for years, but now is a possible reality after Western Technical
College, Mayo Clinic Health System, the La Crosse Community Foundation, joined in to help.

The current plan to build a sustainable greenhouse will only be possible if Western Technical College’ referendum on the November ballot passes.

President of the college Lee Rasch said that if the referendum doesn’t pass he hopes to somehow continue the project in a modified version.

Rash plans to use the Hill View Greenhouse area to give students hands on experience. Each year a new energy efficient home will be built and sold by the University, until a total of 5 homes will have been built where the greenhouse currently stands.

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