Northstar Middle School shows team pride

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis (WEAU)--In a sea of green and yellow.....North Star Interim Associate Principal Kit Schiefelbein is happy to show her purple pride.

“You get the teasing, I joke that it’s about loyalty. I was born and raised in Minnesota," says Schiefelbein

Friday marks Packer/Viking day at Northstar Middle School, a chance for both students and staff to show off their colors.

"Some kids really want the packers to win and go all out and wear everything green and yellow," says 12 year old Chloe Griffin.

Interim Principal Tim Skutley says a big part of being an educator is learning to connect with your students and what better way than a border battle.

“We do a lot of serious work here on a daily basis but if you can walk in a classroom and see your teacher in a Viking jersey or a Packer jersey instead of their normal work clothes it’s kind of a fun thing and a conversation starter,” said Skutley.

And whether the students are Packer or Viking fans....

"We just joke about it but we are still friends," said Chloe.

"They can’t rip on Adrian Peterson because there is nothing to rip on him for," said 13 year old Noah Phillips.

They say it’s just a or lose.

"I talk about the game and tell them they did a good job but I still have to be with my Vikings, " said 14 year old Mike Lenowski.

But that doesn't mean there isn't room for competition. Skutley and Schefelbein have a bet going.....

“The loser will wear the winner’s colors and bring in a little treat so it looks like it will be cheese curds or lefsa on Monday,” said Skutley.