Not Guilty plea entered in Eau Claire meth case

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A man police arrested at the scene of a meth bust has a Not Guilty plea entered in Eau Claire County court.

Court records show that a Not Guilty plea was entered for Chu Vang, 42, of Eau Claire on Thursday. Vang is accused of being caught with meth that he and his wife were going to deal in May. They were at a home on Ripley Avenue where police had arrested two other people for having meth that they intended to sell.

On Tuesday, Joua Lor, was sentenced to two years of probation. Police arrested her and her husband, Neng Vang, 39, of Eau Claire, at the home. Officers went there because the couple had active warrants. In July, Chu Vang's wife, Diana Xiong, 32, of Eau Claire, also entered a Not Guilty plea to the charges she faces. Angel Zien, 32, of Eau Claire is accused of showing up to the house with a meth pipe. She also had a warrant at the time, and was arrested and charged. Court records show she was released on bond in late June.