ONLY ON 13: Eleva woman recovering from burns in house fire

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ELEVA, Wisc. (WEAU) - An Eleva woman, who was badly burned in a house fire during the holiday season is out of the hospital and moving forward.

Devin Becker and her family lost nearly everything in the Dec. 29 fire just north of Eleva on Highway 93.

"I remember like a big 'boom' and I flew backwards ... Head to toe, I was on fire," Devin Becker said.

She said she remembers lighting her fireplace, but little after, until waking to horrible sights and sounds.

"I woke up and actually saw (my dog Spanky) on fire ... him crying, barking; it still haunts me," she said.

"I could see like my hair was on fire, so I went face first forward and rolled to my back."

Suffering 2nd degree burns on her face and hands, Devin said she called 911. Her dad, Jeff Becker said he soon heard about his house on fire, and rushed home.

"I was just concerned about her, I didn't care about the house anymore," Jeff Becker said.

While firefighters battled the flames, Devin was airlifted to Regions Hospital in St. Paul for treatment and began her recovery.

"Physically, pain, it's a lot better ... Now I can shower myself, so that's huge," she said.

An exact cause of the fire is unknown. The Beckers lost their home two cats and dog, Spanky and Devin now stays with her mom in Eleva, gaining a new appreciation for life.

"It's been really life changing. I guess i wake up thankful more, but a lot of it's from support," she said.

"Life's not that bad. If you're not going through anything, if you have a struggle with paying bills, it's not that big of a struggle. It will get easier. Everything's going to get easier."

The Becker family said the community has been very generous with donations, but that they could still use beds, bedding, summer clothes or gift cards. To make a donation, contact the Co-op Credit Union in Strum at (715) 695-2615.

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