ONLY ON 13: Local teens accused of deer thrill killings

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BLOOMER, Wis. (WEAU) -- WEAU 13 News has the shocking details of how local teen boys are accused of shooting deer for the thrill and leaving them for dead.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources said this could have been going on in the Bloomer area for weeks.

But now that suspected deer-killing spree is over.

The DNR said wardens and officers from the Bloomer Police Department were able to track down the teens with the help of a tip caller.

Although they weren't arrested, the boys could face criminal charges.
Six deer were shot and left to die in the Marsh-Miller Lake area.

One was an eight point buck with its head missing.

It was a mystery wardens in Chippewa County had been trying to solve.

But then there was a break in the case when someone in the area called the DNR tip line.

“That gave the warden some initial information that there were teenagers driving around the area shooting deer at night and using spotlights,” said Ed Culhane with the Wisconsin DNR.

Culhane said on Friday, wardens put out the word to Bloomer Police to be on the lookout for suspects' vehicles.

That night, he said officers found the suspects at the Bloomer Golf Course, shining a spotlight to find deer.

“So there was a traffic stop, and wardens then came to the scene and conducted interviews,” Culhane said.

Culhane said four Bloomer High School students, boys ages 14 to 17 are the suspected killers.

“They were going around shining a light on them at night, using a 22 rifle, either shooting from the car or on the road. It's very unsafe and very illegal,” Culhane said.

It's not yet known why the teens were slaying the deer.

But one thing is clear.

“These are now deer that are not available to legal hunters who are hunting in a proper manner, and who are going to make good use of the animal and the meat,” Culhane said.

Charges are now left to the Chippewa County District Attorney's Office to decide.

Wardens believe other teens could be involved.

If you have any information you can leave a confidential tip at 1-800-TIP-WDNR.