ONLY ON SUNRISE: Learn how to play Kubb

Eau Claire, WI (WEAU) – A local sport is hitting the ground running in the Chippewa Valley...literally!

The U.S. National Kubb Championship is the largest Kubb tournament outside Europe and the 8th annual tradition is back in Eau Claire this weekend.

Eric Anderson of U.S. National Kubb Championship, "Nickname of the game is Vikings chess."

It looks like a yard game...and you're right! It’s called Kubb.

Anderson says, "The premise of the game is knocking things over with wooden batons."

Eric Anderson of Wisconsin Kubb and his family showed me how to play! So here's how it works
There are two teams and each team gets six batons....

"The game is to throw these wooden batons and try to knock over those wooden kubbs down there and the king is in the middle," says Eric.

Each throw must be underhand and think of the king in the middle like an 8-ball. If you knock it over, then the game is done.

After your teams throws all six batons, the other team gathers up the knocked over wooden kubbs and throws them across the middle line.

Eric says, "The other main part is when the team knocks over your kubbs. You have to throw those kubbs back over to the other side and the goal to get them as close as they can to each other."

So you want to knock over more kubbs because those serve as a defense system when you're not throwing.

"This team now has to put them vertical and now then team has to knock over these kubbs before knocking over the kubbs on this side," says Eric.

But if you don't knock all those kubbs over on your turn the other team has a new playing line...
giving them an advantage.

Of course I tried to knock out those wooden kubbs and I got lucky. But I think I'll keep my day job.

Eric says, "That's Kubb 101 right there."