ONLY ON SUNRISE: Dancers and musicians unite for Tres Brillant

Eau Claire (WEAU) – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is known as a popular lullaby, but for an upcoming event it’s a song that will bring our community together to celebrate fresh talent.

Since 1998, the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra has given musicians the opportunity to perform. But this year the orchestra will host Tres Brilliant combining live music and dance.

"I usually lift people up,” explains dancer, Stuart Ryan.

Five, six, seven, eight is a phrase all too familiar to this group of ballet dancers ages five to twenty-there.

"It's a chance to try new things and go outside your comfort zone,” says Nicole Johnson, dancer.

These dancers are practicing for Tres Brillant, put on by the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra.

Liz Hart, ECCO General Manager says, "The idea started because we needed to defray our costs for our free family concert. We want to make arts available to all people regardless of income. So it was just a natural thing to involve children and young people in the dance and have an audition with all the Eau Claire Dance schools."

It’s giving these dancers a professional setting, so they can learn.

"It was kind of hard because auditions are kind of stressful,” says dancer Keegan Cianciolo.

But rehearsing what they love to do most is proving to be worth it.

Dancer, Makayla Barker says, "It's really cool experience, the time of the music and the beat is just so much different. To be able to dance to that like traditional music and feel that. It's all interconnected and a real cool feeling."

"It's just a fun event and for us it’s important to raise money for our orchestra. The family concert is free to public but it’s not free to put on. It costs just as much as a regular concert for our season. We believe in music education,” says Barker.

So on June 26th people can enjoy the different sounds and styles of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

"So to come to this event and not only see the talent of the musicians but the talent of the dancers as well is going to really impress people,” says Barker.