ONLY ON SUNRISE: Vintage wedding dresses help seniors remember

Menomonie, WI (WEAU) - Wedding season has arrived and one local nursing home is taking a trip down memory lane. Vintage wedding dresses and photos are now helping senior citizens recall, long-buried memories.

"People are getting up and are like today is wedding day,” says Deb Haugrose, Activities Director of American Lutheran Homes.

First you need the cake, then some fancy china and finally a wedding dress or two or three.

Deb says, "We asked families and staff to bring in their stuff so they can display that so the residents can look around at pictures, look at dresses."

At American Lutheran Homes in Menomonie, there's women like Millie, who've been married 65 years.

"I came home and my friends said you should see Bob's brother he's a good looking guy. They took me over to meet him and I said I don't think he's much and I ended up marrying him,” says Mildred Tunnyhill,

As she nears 90, looking at vintage dresses helps her memory.

"I invited 50 people and some 200 people came. Oh gosh!” says Deb.

It’s even reminding 90 year-old Janet Marie of where she got hitched, back in the day.

"Main campus had the chapel. That's where we had the wedding, and we had the wedding reception in my folks house in the basement,” says Janet.

The Activities Director says for those who are at risk or dealing with dementia...seeing the past can help them re- live it. For Millie, it's rewinding to a past where see could see her husband more...

"I don't see him very often, because they will not let us life together, how about that? Because I need too much care,” says Millie.

But she'll always have the memories of her wedding day.

Millie says, "We did not have any liquor, because my father didn't drink and he said I'm not buying drinks for anyone."

What's kept her marriage intact.

"We used to fight almost everyday, I think that's what kept us going,” says Millie.