ONLY ON SUNRISE: Local athlete headed to World Barefoot Championships

Chetek, WI (WEAU) - The winter Olympics are in full swing and here in western Wisconsin it doesn't seem like winter will ever end.

So on Sunrise we decided to take a vacation and instead looking at a unique summer sport, where one local athlete is hoping to water ski toward gold at the world championships.

"I was only 3 and I kept asking my dad to try skiing,” says 13-year-old Brody Meskers.

If you're thinking, this isn't a sport you'd see this time of year you're right! But it’s something that's always on the mind Brody Meskers.

"I just jumped off the skis and was hanging on the handle and was flopping around and I was telling my dad look I can barefoot,” says Brody.

"He was doing stuff at 6 years old that kids at 9 10 years old were having a hard time,” says Brody’s Dad, Rick Meskers.

Brody competes in barefoot skiing, where there’s no ski's just bare feet and talent.

Brody says, "The feet, you get used to it pretty quick but the front flips don't feel the best on your back.”

Brody isn't at the lake this time of year; you'll likely find him in class at Chetek Middle School.
But in March he'll make his way to Australia for the World Barefoot Championships to compete.

"The tournament is going to be same like all the others. Same pressure and everything, but it will be in a different country so that will be really cool,” says Brody.

"Going to the tournaments it’s really neat because we always joke that I'm always known as Brody's dad, nobody really knows who I am,” explains Rick.

In this water world, it’s all about 15 seconds!

"They have a slalom event and it's a wake crossing event and he has 15 seconds to cross as many times as he can,” says Rick.

Then there's the jump event, but Brody's feet have a passion for the trick event.

"It’s an all three together tournament and they'll combine the scores to get the overall winner," says Brody.

Winning is all too familiar for Brody.

"I was on the U.S Junior Team last worlds and we took second for the team. Australia beat us but and then I've won a bunch of different medals at nationals,” says Brody.

So the fight continues for gold as he heads to worlds aspiring to one day become a world champion.

Brody says, "I don't want to be done and just win that one division. I want to get better and win it all."

The World Barefoot Championships are in Mulwala, Australia from March 11 - March 16.