ONLY ON SUNRISE: Sunrise visits 4-H volunteers at E.C County Fair

Eau Claire, WI (WEAU) - Sunrise went to the Eau Claire Expo Center to take a look around the preparations for the Eau Claire County Fair.

Many 4-H volunteers are spending time to help out the concession stands this weekend. So, we
Deb Flanders, who was hard work trying to prepare delicious foods, alongside the Little Red Cardinals 4-H group.

She says, “It's the group my kids started out in 28 years ago, my grandkids are in it now. Like you see, we're making coleslaw. We make sub sandwiches. Some of the big food that we have that's a big drawer is our taco salads and we have walking tacos. Sunday we have a big charcoal chicken dinner going on all day. So there are lots of things for kids to eat and come out and see.”

Friday and Saturday is Kid’s Day! The fair runs until Sunday.