ONLY ON SUNRISE: Getting through airport security faster

(WEAU) - This week we're finally feeling the warmer temperatures in Wisconsin and that means summer is around the corner, but first there's Memorial Day weekend! This year, AAA predicts the weekend to be one of the busiest for travelers since 2000.

For the millions hitting the skies, the best way to survive is to brush up on TSA knowledge.

"The main thing that's a little different from holiday weekends, there's a lot more inexperienced travelers,” says Charity Speich, with the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport.

For carry ons, there's the 3-1-1 rule to remember. This means liquids need to be in 3.4 oz. containers, in a quart size bag and passengers can only have one bag.

"I think we're all so used to it, we just go and do,” says Gene Blink, traveling to North Carolina.

For those who fly frequently, there is now a holy grail called TSA PreCheck.

"They don't have to remove belts, shoes, light jackets under certain conditions, if they've been considered pre-checked,” says Speich.

Charity Speich says this year 10 airlines have implemented the program, including Southwest, Jetblue, Delta and in Eau Claire United. All you need to sign up is your frequent flyer number and head to their website.

"There is another option which is TSA has their own program that passengers can sign up for. There's a fee for that though. But the benefit to that you can use that on any airline,” says Speich.

The cost is $85 and it lasts for five years. Some travelers we talked to say they'd try it, while others say they don't have to.

"I think the check in process is a little bit frustrating, maybe less so for people who fly a lot. But for people who don't fly a lot I think it can be just sort of one more thing you have to think about,” says Betty Nikia, traveling to Pittsburgh.

"Because of my age, I don't have to do a lot of the things I used to have to do. When you get older you don't have to take off your shoes or a few other things,” explain Gene Blink, traveling to North Carolina.

Before packing your suitcase remember this.

"Make sure to bring medications in your carry on and not your checked baggage,” says Charity.

"Stay safe, be prepared, have fun!" says Nikia.