ONLY ON SUNRISE: Kids learn face-to-face, but miles apart

(WEAU) - As you've watched our newscasts here at WEAU, you've probably wondered what our anchor are looking down at.

We have our scripts here an iPad and it’s a technology that we're not only using here, but many students are using in the classroom.

This morning we're taking you to Delong Middle School, where students are using Facetime to meet face-to-face, but miles apart.

FaceTime is a popular app in the virtual world and now it’s gaining popularity in the real world at Delong Middle School.

"I wanted to come up with a project that we could use FaceTime just because I liked interacting with FaceTime with my nephew,” says 6th grade teacher Jessie Zawacki.

So Jessie went to work to incorporate iPads and reading out loud.

"When they did the project in the past, they went to the kids and communicated in person, but our whole project this year is getting them to use these iPads in useful ways,” says Zawacki.

"My story is about eating healthy and my people were actually bears,” says 6th grader Morgan Dickerson.

Once the kinks were worked out and FaceTime accounts were setup.
These 6th graders used face-time to share a book they wrote for class, to 1st graders at Augusta elementary

“My husband is actually a 1st grade teacher at Augusta so he and I FaceTimed my nephew often,” explains Zawacki.

"I think that this brings the students here a lot of things we can do that we normally wouldn't be able to do without the iPads,” says Dickerson.

Helping students to not only learn about technology, but communicate to someone else miles away

Zawacki says, "It ties in really nicely, the 6th graders have to do speeches throughout the year, so some of the practicing they did was making sure they were making eye contact, speaking loudly,”

"Writing a children's book is hard because you need to make it fun and at the same time you need to make it show a lesson,” explain Dickerson.

"I just thought it would be fun and exciting for the students to kind of publish their writing by doing FaceTime. We did kind of the same project, but instead of transporting the students, we set up some FaceTime accounts,” adds Zawacki.

"I would love to do it again,” says Dickerson.