ONLY ON SUNRISE: Kids share heart to heart on Valentine's Day

(WEAU) - The countdown is over and love is in the air at WEAU 13 News. February 14 marked Valentine's Day and so the Sunrise show celebrated with a unique story.

Students from Elk Mound, Augusta, Fall Creek and Chippewa Falls shared their heart to heart on love.

C.E. “Do you think Valentine's Day is a girlie holiday?”

“Yes!” says Ashtyn Duce of Parkview Elementary School.

C.E. Why you think that? “Because it’s all about hearts,” he adds.

Damian Sovereign and Garret Larson of Augusta Elementary School both agreed that the holiday is girlie and said “yes.” But Larson added “cause its Valentine’s.”

C.E. “What is your favorite part about Valentine’s Day?”

Maddie Jenson of Elk Mound Middle School says, “Probably when my mom sends me some balloons and Gatorade and candy.” Kendall Bowe of Parkview Elementary says her mom gives her a special gift, “Usually when I wake up in the morning, she has this little chocolate bunny next to me or something.” Ian Jacobson says his favorite is, “When I get to bring Valentine's to friends.”

Jayda Shutter of Parkview Elementary says her favorite part is making Valentines, “Last year I made crocodiles and this year I'm making these dirt cakes in cups.”

C.E. “How would you describe love?”

Maia Papierniak of Augusta Elementary School says, “As people kissing.”

Middle schooler, Alex Jenson of Elk Mound says, “Love is limitless. It spreads through everyone. Everyone loves something or someone. It never dies.”

C.E. “How do you like to show love to the people that surround you like friends and family?”

Nate Mewhorter of Parkview Elementary says, “I like to hug them, give them presents and give them lots of kisses.”

C.E. “Any crushes?”

Libby Spitz of Parkview Elementary replies with “No.” But Ella Brandt adds, “Yes you do. You just told me. He rides my bus and her bus.”

C.E. “What do you look forward to for Valentine's Day?”

Alena Sanfelippo of Fall Creek Elementary says “Going home, playing with my brother and counting all the candy I got.” Felicity Wiese of Augusta Elementary says smiling, “The candy.”

C.E. “What's your favorite Valentine's Day candy?”

Papierniak says, “Kisses, chocolate kisses,” with a huge smile on her face.

Middle schooler, Madysen Borfka of Elk Mound says, “Chocolate! Every girl loves chocolate.”

C.E. “Do you have any special valentine's this year?”

Larson said “Yes,” and after being asked who his special Valentine was, he replied with, “My daddy.”

C.E. “Does your family do anything special for Valentine's Day too?”

Maddi Halverson of Fall Creek Elementary says, “Daddy might buy something for mommy and maybe mommy might give something to daddy.”
C.E. “Do you think girls have cooties?”

Ty Costley of Fall Creek Elementary laughs and replies, “Noooooo!”