ONLY ON SUNRISE: Local author spreads 'Raised with Praise' nationwide

Eau Claire, WI (WEAU) - Have you ever thought about writing a book? If you have, it turns out you're not alone. But we all know the hardest part of writing is getting started!

Yet one local author has gone past writer's block, and instead, is influencing others with a nationally published book where he's telling the story of being raised with praise.

"I watched my mom dedicate over 40 years of her life to raising 11 kids,” says author, Bill Callaghan.

For more than 30 years, Bill Callaghan has lived in Eau Claire, dedicating his life to his family and business in Osseo.

He says, "I work with four other brothers and my dad who comes to work every day. He's 92. We're very much a family business."

Now he's an author too, sharing his life's tales nationwide.

"I never dreamed growing up that I would become an author. When I came home from grade school, I really liked watching Batman and Gilligan's Island and Star Trek. I wasn't really a student studious that would really like to read a lot,” Callaghan explains.

Thanks to the Beetles and a variety of other artists, he made it past writer's block and a few bumps in the road.

Bill says, "In 2007 I had some home from a business trip and some jerk had smashed the driver side of my car and took my briefcase that had my entire manuscript in it and everything, all the photographs, all the stuff that I had gathered for 7 years."

Then success met him in 2009 after he published, 'Raised with Praise.'

"Dr. McDonald puts me on my mom's lap and says well Martha now that you have your ninth child, what are you going to do different with this one? Her answer was I'm going to raise him with praise. My goals to write the book as a tribute to my mom and dad. It was just 8 weeks after finishing the book that my mom unexpectedly died,” says Bill.

But his mom was the first to read his book of family stories and memories.

“After I wrote this book, I was contacted by different people that said I've been wanting to write a book. How do I do it? I understand you self-published it initially, how'd you do that? So I found myself mentoring people, which was a total surprise,” Bill adds.

It's a surprise that still hits him every day.

"My book was on the shelf at Borders I would walk in there and see my book sitting there and it was awesome. It was like wow I'm in you know with the big leagues. Anybody can write a book, it really takes the time to really sit down and plow through it,” says Callaghan.