ONLY ON SUNRISE: Local florist mom juggles busy weekend

Eau Claire, WI (WEAU) - We're getting closer to the day when families will honor mothers everywhere. Often that means buying gifts like flowers. Well here in the Chippewa Valley it can be a balancing act for a lot of vendors, since this weekend brings together mom season and prom season. So what happens when you’re a florist and a mom?

Maureen says, “You laugh with the people you cry with the people."

For 35 years, these hands have cut and arranged flowers for a living and she says, "It's a very fulfilling job, especially when you see the faces light up."

Faces like Dan, who’s had a unique tradition for mother's day for 37 years.

"The vase was purchased in 1977 when my children were quite young, to give to their mother, my wife. It's been a tradition every year,” says Dan Dernbach of Eau Claire.

It's those moments that have 52-year-old Maureen Toner loving her job.

"We try to make each arrangement what we would like to receive. When we take your order and tell us my mom loves pink or my mom loves red, that's where we start from,” she says.

Ironically, this mother of one is busy fulfilling mother's day orders and prom orders for the weekend, spending 10 hours a day on her feet

Maureen says, "We try to make everything so you when you look at it, there's beauty to be hold whether it's a sad or happy occasion."

For Maureen the holiday can be both happy and sad. She says, "My mother passed away two and a half weeks before Mother's Day

In the 19 years of being a mother, she says she's only gotten a plant once from her family!

"They always say you work with flowers every day, you are surrounded with them why should I buy you some. I'll get you something else. We typically don't celebrate Mother's Day on Mother's Day, we celebrate it another day because its 10 plus hour days leading up to,” says Maureen.

So if you decide to buy flowers for Mother's Day this year keep this in mind.

"Always with your cut flowers, make sure you add fresh water to them. Never set them on a T.V. or where it’s really warm, because that will shorten the life of them. Mother's Day the fact that you’re making a special bouquet for somebody's special person, that's what, makes it,” she says.