ONLY ON SUNRISE: Meals on Wheels rolling on, despite frigid winter

(WEAU) - It's been a rough winter with record low temperatures and lots of snow!
But how is it affecting those who volunteer around the Chippewa Valley? The volunteers of the Meals on Wheels program have to encounter tough roads this winter.

"You gotta pay attention a little bit more,’ says Ron Larson.

For the past several years, 72-year-old Ron Larson has delivered meals on wheels in Eau Claire County

"I retired and I didn't want to sit on the couch,” he says.

He’s job is to bring meals to those 60 years of age or older who are homebound.

"There's about 30 routes and about a few hundred volunteers. So it serves a purpose to some of the elderly that can't or are unable to get out for whatever reasons,” explains Larson.

Although he's native to Minnesota, he says there have been some snowy, cold days...leaving roads difficult to drive on.

"It wasn't bad until this last ice storm, up to that time, the roads have been the best they been in several winters without potholes and stuff,” says Larson.

But he still makes it on one of two routes.

"You see the elderly, I'm in that category also I guess kind of smile and you know they talk a little bit. Some of them they be the only person they see that day."

He did say when the Eau Claire Area School District is closed, meals on wheels freeze.

"They're supposed to their driveway and sidewalk clean but snows at night, it’s hard to clean it by 10, 11 o clock in the morning,” says Larson.

When they can deliver, meals vary from hamburger to turkey to beef.

"Sometimes meals may be a little different, they may be low cal or low whatever. You got to make sure you give the right one to the right person, because I've made that mistake once or twice,” says Larson.

"Then volunteers drop off their empty coolers here and Meals on Wheels picks it up and they're all done,” says Larson.

No matter how old Ron gets, he plans to deliver as long as he can.

“As long as I'm able,” he says.

If you're looking to volunteer or find out if you qualify for Meals on Wheels. You can call the Aging & Disability Resource Center-Nutrition Program of Eau Claire County at 715-839-4886.