ONLY ON SUNRISE: Young & Free Royal bringing financial education

Eau Claire, WI (WEAU) - Benjamin Franklin once said, "a penny saved is a penny earned."
But how do we learn to save our pennies? Thanks to a new program called Young & Free Royal. The financial needs of 18-25 year olds will be saved.

"Growing up, my parents always taught me the value of a dollar," says Alaina Streblow, 22 year old RCU Intern.

For the past year, Alaina has learned the ins and outs of community relations while interning at Royal Credit union. All while using the advice from her parents about saving money.

"They taught me that you save half of every single paycheck and I wasn't allowed to spend any of my birthday money or anything. It all went in the bank,” says Streblow.

"The thing I love about Young and Free Royal, is were really going after young people to try and get them a financial education in the platforms they're already using, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,” explain Jennifer McHugh, RCU Community Relations Manager.

Jennifer says RCU just started searching for a "Spokester" to be the face of young & free and encourage young people to talk about financial needs. But how can you become a spokester?

"You write a blog, you make a video, you post it online, and then it goes to a vote phase where the most votes then move onto the next round.” McHugh adds, “It's kind of like the voice and America's got Talent you know, they're moving onto the next round. The last thing is that show your stuff meets up where we interview them in person at that speed interview style, then we make the final decision."

Whoever wins receives a one year contract, a mac computer, a digital camera and a set of wheels.

Streblow says, "I think this program is going to be really successful because they're targeting this group in the ways they want to be targeted."

The group is those who are between the ages of 18-25 who need financial fitness the most.

Streblow says, “Right now it's crucial, because 18-25 that's when you're in college and college is expensive and you're paying your tuition, your rent, you want to go hangout with your friends and it's so important to have that money saved because you never know when something going to pop up and you have an unexpected bill.

"Young people are our future community leaders. They're the integrators, they're the dreamers. They're the professionals and we are here to help give them some financial education that can help them get started out on the right foot,” adds McHugh.

The deadline to apply to be a "spokester" for Young and Free Royal is May 7 at 3pm

In terms of pay, they do a market analysis taking a look at similar type positions and set a competitive wage.