People go to file taxes, find out they have already been filed

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INDEPENDENCE, Wis. (WEAU) -- "This is a Form 14039 that you would file with the IRS if you felt like you were a victim of identity theft," said Lori Everin, owner of Everin Tax Services, LLC in Independence.

More and more, she is not only helping clients file their taxes, but helping them undo the mess when someone else gets their information and files first.

"Then you wanna send that in with driver's license, social security card," she said.

Every year she sees clients who come in and have had their names and numbers stolen. This year, she says many of them are finding out when they get a letter from the IRS.

The letter says the IRS is doing a thorough investigation of the return because it is reviewing the income, tax withholdings reported, claims for tax credits, or business income. Problem is, some of the people who receive the letter have not filed their returns.

Tina Radle is one those people who got one of those letters. She could not speak to us in person but was told by the IRS it might be a year before they can even look at her case.

"You know you feel a little helpless, you don't know what's gonna happen," Radle said.

And Everin says most people will not see their money for a long time.

"It's taking six to nine months for people to get their refunds," Everin said.

The IRS says late last year it assigned 3,000 employees to take on identity theft related issues, preventing $20 billion in fraudulent refunds. And this year, they have added more measures to help spot identity theft before refunds are issued.

But that is little comfort to those who have already been victims.

"I would like to know if they know where this was coming from, how much they were trying to get using my name," Radle said.

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