Plowing, scraping continues as snow and ice start to melt on Eau Claire roads

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - Crews plowed and scraped roads throughout Eau Claire Wednesday, but there's still a lot of work to be done.

A sheet of ice, and in some cases, slush, remain on many residential and secondary roads.

Barbara Link has spent her days crisscrossing Eau Claire roads for the past seven years, working as a cab driver for Eau Claire Taxi. She said this year hasn't been easy.

“During the daytime when the sun's out, it's just melting that top layer. And then when the nighttime hours hit, it freezes again and just turns all the intersections into ice skating rinks,” Link said.

“I've never seen as many potholes coming out as I've already seen this year.”

“People cannot see beyond the snow banks. So therefore instead of just inching out, they do the hazard driving of just pulling out in front of you so you have to be very aware of all the vehicles around you along with making sure you're able to see around the snow banks,” she said.

Companies like Domino's Pizza on London road, relying on delivery, are suffering too.

“We're doing our job on the inside getting them in the oven, as fast as we can so that the delivery drivers can take them but when they can't get around as fast with ice on the roads, it takes them longer to get back here,” manager Jamie Heisz said.

Eau Claire street maintenance manager Steve Thompson said help is out there.

“We're working on some of our main arterials, hauling away snow where the street is narrowed. We're working on that. We've also got crews out with trucks and loaders and graters trying to scrape off some of the ice,” Thompson said.

He said the warmer weather has made a difference.

“There is salt that has been put out there in previous storms that once it gets some warmth from the sun, it starts to work and starts to loosen up some of that,” he said.

“Roads are still going to be ice covered, with snow and ice for a while, and just allow yourself extra time, when you gotta go out and be aware of your conditions. We'll continue to try to improve those conditions every day the best we can.”

Thompson said the city is concerned about getting water off streets if we see a quick melt. He said he hopes crews will get to residential roads by next week.

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