Police: Man arrested for OWI falls asleep in squad with pot in hands

LAKE HALLIE, Wis. (WEAU) – Police say a man has been arrested for drug possession and OWI after being found passed out in his car in Lake Hallie.

Lake Hallie Police say an officer was called to a gas station on Commercial Blvd. for a report of a man appearing passed out in his car with the car running. The officer says he woke up 21-year-old Devine Spencer of Eau Claire and found an open container of beer.

The officer arrested Spencer and says he handcuffed him in front of his body because he was being cooperative. He says on the way to the Chippewa County Jail, Spencer fell asleep. When they arrived at the jail, the officer noticed when Spencer woke up, he was holding a bag of marijuana.

Police say they believe he had the bag hidden in his pants and was trying to get rid of it, but fell asleep before he could.

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