NEW INFORMATION: All-clear in police search of Minneapolis building

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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Minneapolis police spent more than two hours Friday searching a downtown office building after a report of possible shots fired, but said they found no evidence of a shooting.

Workers in the building were told to shelter in place while police conducted a floor-by-floor search. The building includes some offices of Target Corp.

Acting Chief Janee Harteau said an initial caller heard a popping sound. It was said to be coming from the 10th floor.

Police say a preliminary investigation showed that maintenance workers were using a construction tool on the upper floors that mimicked the sound of gunfire.

The building search came less than two months after a gunman fatally shot six people at a Minneapolis business after he was fired.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (WEAU) - Minneapolis Police have given an all clear given at the building on the downtown Target campus. They've told NBC affiliate KARE-TV that no shooting occurred there. Officers say that the initial callers heard "popping sounds" that they now believe may have been from within the ductwork of the building.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Minneapolis police say they haven't found any evidence to support a report of shots fired at downtown office building, but they haven't given an all-clear yet.

Officers were called Friday to an 11-story building that includes offices of Target Corp.

Police spokesman Steve McCarty says officers had found no victims and no suspect after a search of about an hour. But the search was continuing.

McCarty says the report was based on someone thinking they heard shots, and building security called 911.

People in the building were told to stay in place during the search.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Minneapolis police say they are checking a report of shots fired at a downtown office building.

Sergeant Steve McCarty says the call came Friday morning. He says officers are inside the building checking, but haven't found anything yet.

The building entrance was cordoned off by crime-scene tape, and several police officers could be seen inside with a police dog. One officer carried what appeared to be an assault rifle.

The 11-story building overlooks the pedestrian Nicollet Mall. It's across the street from Target's main headquarters, and last March the retailing giant signed a lease to take over all of its office space, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

Target spokeswoman Jessica Deede said the company was "focused on taking care of our team" and deferred questions to police.