Police coordinate efforts in tough situations

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Day in and day out, we are used to boundaries. They separate our cities, neighborhoods, and even our yards.

But as we saw last night, crime is not limited to one specific area.

On Tuesday night, a traffic stop that started in Eau Claire turned into a chase that led into Lake Hallie where the suspect crashed his car.

You can see several squad cars on the scene from Eau Claire, Altoona, Lake Hallie, and Eau Claire County.

Officer Kyle Roder with the Eau Claire Police Department says they are listening to each other by radio all the time, ready to help if needed.

"It's very typical officers are listening to radio frequencies from other jurisdictions because as we've seen in the past, crime does not have boundaries," he said.

In Eau Claire County, coordination is easier since Roder says all the dispatches come from one location. He says that information can be easily passed on beyond that.

"Our comm center is very good at getting that information out to the other agencies when something is developing near the borders or the roadways when something is going into another agency," he said.

Roder says at a scene like last night, they use instant command structures and things are planned out well. That leaves little room for someone who thinks they can commit a crime in one area and get away from it in another.

"Many folks think if they do a violation in one jurisdiction and the officer is following them and doesn't stop them in their own jurisdiction, that they get a free pass and that's not the case," said Chief Cal Smokowicz with the Lake Hallie Police Department. "An officer can follow you anywhere in the state of Wisconsin and take enforcement action on you so as long as the violation occurred in his jurisdiction."

A team effort with two important goals front and center.

"Everyday police officers leave their homes to protect their community, and we're just thankful our officers last night were able to go home safely to their families, and that nobody in our community was injured as a result of this individual," Roder added.

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