Memorial student remains in hospital after falling off van

Eau Claire, WI (WEAU) -- A football player at Memorial High School who fell off a van and was run over is still in the hospital.

Officers say it happened in the parking lot of Memorial High School last night.

The 17-year-old is in critical condition and police are questioning the 16-year-old driver of the van.

The Eau Claire Police Department and Eau Claire fire and rescue responded to a call at Memorial High School's east parking lot around 7pm.

Kyle Roder with the Eau Claire Police Department says the department is still trying to work out the details of what happened.

"The indication was from our initial investigation, and from the officers that arrived on scene, was that a 16-year-old male was driving a van, eastbound through the parking lot. A 17-year-old male put himself on the hood of the vehicle," says Roder.

At some point, Roder says, the 17-year-old jumped or fell off the hood of the van and ended up underneath the vehicle.

"The 17 year old was transported to Mayo Hospital and was treated there. We were told initially that he was in very critical condition," Roder says.

Tim Leibham with the Eau Claire school district says the 17-year-old was a football player Memorial High School. He says there was a meeting held this morning with school counselors in attendance to help teammates deal with their emotions.

"These are very tragic incidents and you never know how a group of individuals are going to respond, and it's not only the athletic team, but the student was a student at Memorial. So, the impact would be far wider than the football team," says Leibham.

It’s never easy when an accident like this occurs but Leibham says that the school is prepared to handle these types of situations. He says, “We're a good solid school system. This isn't the first time a tragedy has befallen the students or staff during the school year or over the summer, we have supports in place to deal with a wide range of emotions and we'll asses and monitor as it unfolds."

Leibham says the school counselors are available for all students, not just the member of the football team. He says the school district’s thoughts and prayers are with the student.