Police remind drivers to follow traffic light laws

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis -- Eau Claire Police say they've had several calls about drivers not following the correct traffic procedures when it comes to stop lights.

They say a big issue is people not knowing what to do if they run into a light that's not working.

“We have a lot of crashes in Eau Claire and we really need to make sure that people understand the rules of the road," Eau Claire Police Department Communication Officer Kyle Roder said.

So what are the rules? “We always want people to be cautious drivers and the light are completely out and that happen from time to time we need you to stop like it’s a four-way stop and proceed through it like it's a four-way stop,” said Roder.

When you come up to a traffic light that’s flashing yellow, Roder says the other lane has the right away but drivers can proceed with caution.

So if you come to a traffic light flashing red? Roder says treat the intersection like a four-way stop.

“Whenever there is an officer on scene that is directing traffic that officer is who you should follow,” said Roder.

Police is driver follow traffic laws and drive defensively most crashes are preventable.