Police warn people in Black River Falls area after reports of phone scam

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BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. (BLACK RIVER FALLS POLICE DEPARTMENT NEWS RELEASE) -- The Black River Falls Police Department has gotten several phone calls again about telephone scams going on in our area. A caller told a local resident that their grandson was in trouble in the east part of the country and requested bail that money be sent via Western Union immediately to bail him out of jail. In another case a grandchild was reported to be in the custody of the Mexican authorities and needed money right away in order to avoid Mexican prison, unfortunately the kind hearted Grandparent sent the money despite being warned by Western Union officials . Once your money is gone it's almost impossible to get it back, especially when it is routed out of the United States.

The BRFPD cautions everyone to be wary of these types of scams and don't fall for it. These unsavory, manipulative individuals will watch local papers and obituaries to get personal information to be used in the scam obtaining names of survivors etc.... It is sad that they target our elderly people and often times being kind hearted will give them account and social security information thus draining accounts and creating new identities to further their criminal activity.

Please be cautious and don't give anyone your information over the phone and when cases like this comes to you home verify , verify, verify that your loved ones are truly in need of help.

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